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Most independent wrestlers struggle financially or can't find a balance between wrestling and the "real world".
I've created a plan called The Hangs with Bob Blueprint, named after my well-known seminars, that have helped wrestlers all over North America make more money and have quality of life in and out of the ring.
My goals are to help you and your family stop worrying about money, make your wrestling career self-sufficient, and spend more time with the people you love! I call that living The WrestleLife!
I did it! I believe you can, too!
- Brutal Bob Evans
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"I used to make $100 a WEEKEND if I was lucky! Now I REGULARLY make $200-300 EACH EVENT! A while back, I MADE $812 in ONE NIGHT with LESS THAN 50 FANS IN ATTENDANCE. I have a good job, so turning MY WRESTLING BUSINESS into a LUCRATIVE SIDE HUSTLE has benefitted my family greatly."

Jack Parker Jr.

Real People. Real Results. No BS.

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We want to help you 2X-10X your wrestling income in the next 12 months!

  • Travel more affordably with more comfort. No more sleazy motels!
  • Increase revenue while drastically cutting expenses. Come home with money!
  • How to get your spouse or partner on board.
  • Merchandise and product knowledge. Sell the coolest stuff and make the most profit. 
  • How to get noticed by the national group or big indies. 
  • How to get more bookings and get more yes's instead of no's. How to NOT get left on read anymore.  My plan has you telling the promoter instead of asking the promoter!
  • How to negotiate a fair price and ask for more money.  
  • Wrestle better and more effectively to become a crowd-pleaser.
  • Most common mistakes and how to avoid them.
  •  How to advertise your services, how to sell the promoter, sell tickets, and make your social media shine bright.
  • In-Ring Instruction (coming soon). The stuff you can use in your matches immediately!
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"Bob's seminars are very well-rounded, whether it be promos, strength training, merchandise, getting helped me become who I am today."

Anthony Greene aka August Grey
WWE Superstar

Real People. Big Dreams. We help you achieve them.

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Praise for The WrestleLife & Hangs with Bob

"I started with Bob when I was 18...I still call him 'coach' to this day. He told me, "Your talent is going to take you far, but your character will take you the rest of the way.' That stuck with me. To this day, I go to him for advice."

Mike Bennett
ROH, Impact, NJPW, WWE

No matter where you are on your journey, we can help.

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"I've been in the business for 26 years and I still follow and listen to Bob!""

HC Loc
ECW, Ring of Honor

Independent wrestlers from all over the country speak about The WrestleLife and Hangs with Bob seminars!


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