Late Night Thoughts - Stop Trying to Get Signed

Late night thoughts as I get ready for bed on my night off. My night off consists of work on this site, which I'm not great at, but I really love doing. 
Stop trying to get signed:
Don't overthink it. Wrestling is simple. Get good. Learn as much as you can. But watch the masters. Do they look like they're in their own heads? Nope. Confidence in what they're doing tells the tale.
You can't control where the chips may fall as far as getting contracts or timing.
You can control your experience level so you aren't afraid when the brass ring comes around.
Train hard, but more importantly train WELL. An hour of productive time with someone super knowledgable outweighs 4 hours of grabass in the ring.
Don't overthink. Don't learn how to audition. Just work your talents and hide your weaknesses while trying to improve them.
Stop wrestling to get signed.
Wrestle to get awesome then they'll COME FIND YOU.
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